The offer gives the chance to selected customers to spend an holiday on our Ocean cruiser luxury yacht at very competitive price "all inclusive".
Large selection of offers and prices All Inclusive.
  • info Boat Sharing ** € 16.000,00/30 days (during the year).
For couples and singles:
  • you can plan the weekend throughout the year or your holiday;
  • you can plan your holidays in determined navigation area.
  • info Exclusive charter € 8.000,00/week,
    € 12.000,00/2 weeks, € 14.000,00/3 weeks.
For families and small groups:
  • you can plan your holidays in determined navigation area.
  • info Sea trials & Charter Formula € 3.500,00/weekend.
For all:
  • you can plan a long weekend dedicated to sea trials of the desired yacht(from Thursday evening to Sunday).
  • info What is your budget for your cruise?
    You fill out the contact form and submit your budget, the number of people on board and the month of departure, we will offer the locations of boarding and disembarking, the departure date and the days aboard.
For all those who have flexibility of time:
  • New - Last minute budget. ****
Synthetic conditions
* The model of sailing yacht offered can vary on equal terms and features (full optionals/sail plan automated). Maximum number of guests: 6/7 on board. The navigation area and the boarding location varies depending on the period. The price is inclusive of VAT, cost of fuel, water, food, mooring in ports except for customs charges and transfer costs to arrive at the boarding location. Tender comes with 40HP engine. Toys include water-sky and kite-surf.
** Limited to "Boat sharing" the use of the craft is not exclusive (you may share the yacht with other people: JYI is responsible for selections)
*** The offer includes a selection of customers.
**** Contracts shall require advance payment and a confirmation option to 30 days before departure with eventual repayment of 100% of the amount paid.